Alex Marley


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…the humble singer and guitarist, has become a live concert phenomenon in Jamaica and America where he has been performing for several years. Born the 29th of July 1987 in Kingston, Jamaica, Alex was called to music at an early age and started writing songs at eleven.

Alex studied Mass Communications at the University of The West Indies and music at the Edna Manley College of Visual and Performing Arts where he majored in guitar and voice. Also,
he plays several instruments including guitar, saxophone, piano, steel pan, percussion drums, and bass. On stage during his performances he loves to solo and improvise mixing Jazz and
Rock with Reggae, which keeps the audience well entertained. He has also starred TV commercials such as Fanta advertisements, and has been featured in local films and movies.


…ALEX’S music can be heard on radio stations Jamaica, the US, UK, South America, and Africa. Alex has performed in The Gambia, West Africa, Jamaica, Trinidad and several states throughout the USA including California, Texas, Florida, Rhode Island, Hawaii, Minnesota, Colorado, Louisiana, etc. In his music, he speaks love, peace and liberation. He uses these principles to spread the Rastafari message to all the countries of the world. Not only does his lyrics of peace, humility and love spring from his life but it also inspires others.


…Bob Marley & sons, Garnett Silk, Jacob Miller, Peter Tosh, Dennis Brown, Miles Davis, Jimmy Hendrix, Burning Spear, Stevie Wonder.



…4th degree brown belt in Zendoe Kai Kan Karate, 2005 Jamaica National Surfing Team,
Vertical Skateboarding, Motocross, Football April 18 / Nashville, TN / Southern




April 18 / Nashville, TN / Southern
April 18 / Nashville, TN / Southern Women’s Convention
May 5/ San Marcos, TX /Texas Music Theatre
May 12 / Plantation, F L / Fanconi Anemia Benefit
May 26 / South Padre Island, TX / Clayton’s Resort
June 2 / Angels Camp, CA / Reggae in the Hills
July 18 / Pompano Beach FL / Art Hall
July 21 / Miami Beach,FL / Star Island
August 25 / Austin, TX / 8th Annual Night of the Bat Fest
August 31/ Cocoa Beach FL / Sandbar BeachFL
Sept. 1 / Phonix, AZ / TBA
Sept. 7 / Lafayette, LA / Artmosphere
Sept. 8 / Monroe, LA / Tsumani



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