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Brooklyn’s finest DJ, spinning for showcase premiers, and DJ competitions within the hip hop culture. ITF/ DMC competitor, DJ Crazy Cuts can battle in various styles with DJ trick acts, and DJ Crazy Cuts is one of the most prolific DJs in the world today, has been spinning the wheels of steel since 1980. Originating from Flatbush, Brooklyn. DJ Crazy Cuts’ desire was to become one of the 1st foreign ITF/DMC finalist to hail from Brooklyn, New York and live in Germany. With one of the most exciting performances to display, Crazy Cuts can beat juggle, foot scratch, lip scratch, and can do various body trick acts. And as a performer, he has been announced as one of the “best all-around DJ’s in Germany”.

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“I’m originally from New York where I’ve started DJing in 1980 but, I’m currently living in Germany. I’ve started out playing rap music but, since the mid 90’s, I’ve experimented blending many different styles of music for the exception of the fake commercialized bling rap/r&b that’s being played on the major radio stations, and MTV worldwide as well. Unlike most people who play tracks that have little or, no talent at all, and maybe don’t even care about the talent and skills that it takes to become a DJ in the first place. I’m a versatile DJ/entertainer who gives the people more than they bargain for, I play from the heart with feeling, and at the same time playing what I feel is GOOD music that people know as well. A blending/mixing specialist like me knows how to blend the music, so that everyone has a great time, and remember, anybody can call himself or herself a DJ, but only a select few have the musical now-how like myself, that has the extensive experience, and the professional attitude to get the job done right. There are DJs who’d be fine at school dances and proms, night clubs or casual parties but, I am a versatile DJ who can play in any event. I can be reached DAY or NIGHT, weekdays or weekends. My phone is always on, and I return all calls and emails as soon as possible. I work to accommodate schedules of the promoters/ club owners, so it shouldn’t be their job to accommodate mine. Being a DJ is my only profession, I bring many good tracks – all on vinyl, so that everybody can get the best quality sound. The music is played strictly on vinyl, not through a laptop such as Serato or Traktor Scratch, and I have never missed a gig in my many years of DJing, and even if I were not feeling well, I’d be there, and who knows. After all, it’s show biz – the show must go on. I can arrive very early in the afternoon before I’m scheduled to perform. Why?? To make sure that the sound check is 100% correct and, I’d rather be many hours early than a minute late. And if some unforeseen situation arises – like bad traffic, etc. I’ve allow myself an extra cushion to arrive and set up on time. Also, unlike most “DJs”, I don’t believe in taking breaks or watching the time for any reason because, I keep on entertaining the people throughout the entire period of time that I’m booked, and my flexibility and dedication ensures that I can accommodate nearly every event or club. However, I prefer to work with the promoters and club owners who appreciate the importance of talent, good music and, the value of my services to the success of any party, or club. I’m definitely not the best choice for any club owner/promoter, if there’s the commercial bling rap/R&B music that’s requested, and if the DJs are not talented.

In 2010, I was the German DMC online Champion and, DMC World Eliminations Competitor. In 2012, I’ve produced a few tracks after getting out of the hospital due to an work-related accident in 2011.”

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Club Illusions, Brooklyn, N.Y., U.S.A.
Club Sensations, Newark, N.J., U.S.A.
Elks Club Party, Hackensack, N.J., U.S.A
House Party, Bronx, N.Y., U.S.A.
Job Corps Street Jam, Bronx, N.Y., U.S.A.
Capri Club, Friedberg, Germany
Funkadelic, Frankfurt, Germany
Zeppelinhaus, Rhein Main, Germany
Top Hat Club, Mannheim, Germany
Reggae Party w/DJ Caveman, Frankfurt, Germany
Zulu Jam, Frankfurt, Germany
Soundgarden, Wiesbaden, Germany
Rainbow Club, Darmstadt, Germany
Café Kesselhaus, Darmstadt, Germany
Tennis Bar, Bad Homburg, Germany
Dorian Gray, Frankfurt, Germany
Krone Club, Darmstadt, Germany
Muffathalle, Munich, Germany
Studio Scratching w/Jam & Spoon, Frankfurt, Germany
Outdoor Jam, Belgium
Weinkeller, Mainz, Germany
Tower Party, Mainz, Germany
Signalwerk, Mainz, Germany
Mainstreet Club, Munich, Germany
Old Fire House Party, Mannheim, Germany
Gebaude 9, Köln, Germany
Voodoo Lounge, Frankfurt, Germany
Club Classicos, Manhattan, New York, U.S.A., Köln, Germany
Boat  Party, Poland
Church (Dom) Party, Köln, Germany
Charity Jam, Muffathalle, Munich, Germany
Studio 672, Köln, Germany
Tanzhalle, St. Pauli, Hamburg, Germany
I.T.F. D.J. Battle,  3rd  Place Wiesbaden, Germany
Domagkstr. 45 Party, Munich, Germany
Radio-X show, Frankfurt, Germany
BCN Café Poetry Slam, Frankfurt, Germany
Sounds of Frankfurt D.J. Battle,  2nd  Place Frankfurt, Germany
Space Place Riddim Wize Reggae Jam, Frankfurt, Germany
Kulturecafe Party, Mainz, Germany
Groove City Club, Mainz, Germany
Drum-n-Bass Party, Rüsselsheim, Germany
Gorilla Cheat Jam, Mühlheim, Germany
MTV Pre-Music Awards Party, Frankfurt, Germany
New Years Eve Jam, 0-25, Frankfurt, Germany
Moussontrom, Frankfurt, Germany
Performed w/ Donna Regina Gebäude 9, Köln, Germany
Radio-X Show, Frankfurt, Germany
Betty Ford Klinik Jam, Hamburg, Germany
Poetry Night, Café Bar, Bern, Switzerland
Poetry Night, Artix Club, Biel, Switzerland
Poetry Night, Dampfzentrale Hall, Bern, Switzerland
Post House Hall, Hamburg, Germany
D-2 Birthday Jam, Siegen, Germany
Poetry Slam, BCN Café, Frankfurt Germany
Birthday Jam, Space Place, Frankfurt, Germany
Osternjam, Muffathalle, Munich, Germany
Luna Bar, Münster, Germany
Filmhaus, Köln, Germany
Space Place, Frankfurt, Germany
Radio – X Show, Frankfurt, Germany
Drum & Bass Jam, Dortmund, Germany
Rap Jam, Erfurt, Germany
Jeru the Damaja Concert, Muffathalle, Munich, Germany
Club Gotec Jam, Karlsruhe, Germany
Club ExZess, Frankfurt, Germany
Artix Club Rap Jam, Biel, Switzerland
Disco Camping Jam, Köln, GE
Pathos Club, Munich, Germany
Falkendom, Bielefeld, Germany
The Bunker, Hamburg, Germany
Extasis Club, Darmstadt, Germany
Release Party, Oberhausen, Germany
A.J.Z., Bielefeld, Germany
Kassablanca Club, Jena, Germany
DMC D.J. Battle, Finalist, Stadtgarten, Köln, Germany
Dynamo Club, Zurich, Switzerland
Postkutsche, Mattsee, Austria
Arena, Vienna, Austria
Dance Factory, Bad Neustadt, Germany
Südhaus, Limburg, Germany
Radio XXL, Frankfurt, Germany
Subway Club, Köln, Germany
Voxxx Club, Chemnitz, Germany
Schaubar, Frankfurt, Germany
Toni Bolkerei Club – Poetry Slam, Zürich, Switzerland
Cooky’s Club, Frankfurt, Germany
Filmhaus, Köln, Germany
Move, Ried Im Kreis, Austria
Rap Jam, Hellberghalle, Kirn, Germany
Loop Troop Show, Falkendom, Bielefeld, Germany
Christmas Party, Molkerei, Bielefed, Germany
Disco Diamond Jam, Filmhaus, Germany
Drum & Bass Jam, Falkendom, Bielefeld, Germany
New Year’s Eve Jam, Molkerei, Bielefeld, Germany
Coupole Club, Biel, Switzerland
ICE Club, Wiesbaden, Germany
Skyline Lounge, Munich, Germany
Afu-Ra Concert, Schlacthof, Wiesbaden, Germany
M94.5 The Bling Bros. Show, Munich, Germany
Bassrutschen, Munich, Germany
Domagtstr. Party, Munich, Germany
D-2 Club, Siegen, Germany
Frankfurt Music Messe, Frankfurt, Germany
Hertz Radio Session, Bielefeld, GE
Rap/Drum & Bass Jam, Falkendom, Bielefeld, Germany
Easter Charity Jam, Muffathalle, Munich, Germany
Poetry Slam, Gotec Club, Karlsruhe, Germany
Poetry Slam, Nature Museum, Frankfurt, Germany
Hertz Radio, Open Turntable Session, Bielefeld, Germany
Hertz Radio, Grand Agent Radio Interview, Bielefeld, Germany
Blue Note Cub, Cologne, Germany
Karolina Club, Vilnius, Lithuania
Hertz Radio, Moqui Marbles Interview, Bielefeld, Germany
Hertz Radio Party, Forum, Bielefeld, Germany
Music Messe/Elevator DJ Mailorder Showcase, Essen, Germany
Club Tito’s, Siegen, Germany
Sphinx Club, Martigny, Switzerland
University Sommerfest, Paderborn, Germany
Mania Night Open Air Jam, Bösingfeld, Germany
Live Arena Donald D Concert, Breiterfeld, Germany
R.A.W. Temple, Berlin, Germany
Forum/Electronic Lounge, Bielefeld, Germany
IFA Messe, Berlin, Germany
Vlotho Festival, Vlotho, Germany
Coupole Club, Biel, Switzerland
D-2 Club, Siegen, Germany
Poetry Slam, Bockenheimer Depot, Frankfurt, Germany
Club Unique, Düsseldorf, Germany
Hertz Radio Mixery DJ Battle w/Mista Sinista
Dance Experience Party w/ Mirko Machine, Falkendom, Bielefeld, Germany
Radio Rüsselsheim Show, Rüsselsheim, Germany
University Jam, Siegen, Germany
Zeche Carl Hip Hop Day, Essen, Germany
Beginner After Party/Ringlokschuppen, Bielefeld, Germany
Registratur, Munich, Germany
Art Fest Party, Siegen, Germany
Hertz Radio Birthday Jam Forum, Bielefeld, Germany
Motor-Elektrik Club, Chemnitz, Germany
Blue Note Lounge, Köln, Germany
Club Mo House, Bremen, Germany
Forum/Electronic Lounge, Bielefeld, Germany
Unterfrankenhalle, Aschaffenburg, Germany
Sage Club, Berlin, Germany
Jolly Joker Club, Braunschweig, Germany
Artix Club, Biel, Switzerland
Music Messe/ Technics, Frankfurt, Germany
Muffathalle, München, Germany
Hip Hop Büro, Bielefeld, Germany
Scala Theater, Köln, Germany
Falkendom DJ Battle, Bielefeld, Germany
Forum, Bielefeld, Germany
Gig Club, Hannover, Germany
1200 Club, Görlitz, Germany
Mp3 Club, Dortmund, Germany
Block Jam, Netherlands
S-Club, Lippstadt, Germany (2004)
Depot, Tübingen, Germany (2004)
Soap Club, Hannover, Germany
Mania Night Open Air Jam, Bösingfeld, Germany
The Lounge, Hamburg, Germany
C/O Pop, Jugendpark, Köln, Germany
ARTheatre, Köln, Germany
Nachtcafe Eulenspiegel, Turingen, Germany
The Machine Show, Casino Club, Berlin, Germany
Oetkerhalle, Bielefeld, Germany
Disco-Womm, Ried, Austria
Depot, Tübingen, Germany
Kinzo Club, Berlin, Germany
JZ Kamp, Bielefeld, Germany
Erste Liga, München, Germany
Escape Club, Dortmund, Germany
Frankfurt Music Messe, Frankfurt, Germany
Blue Note, Köln, Germany
Lauschgift, Koln, Germany
Studio 9, Bielefeld, Germany
Filmhaus, Koln Germany
Jam Kassel-Mülheim, Germany
DJ Meeting, Oberhausen, Germany
I.T.F. Showcase, Vienna, Austria
DJ Flohmarkt Showcase, Munster, Germany
Noizeroom, Paderborn, Germany
Electronic Lounge, Forum, Bielefeld, Germany
Cafe Europa, Bielefeld, Germany
Irish Pub, Bielefeld, Germany
Glass Club, Drammen, Norway
Wedding, Schwimmbad, Paderborn, Germany
Voxxx, Chemnitz, Germany
Registratur Club, Munich, Germany
Residenz, Paderborn, Germany
Frankfurt Music Messe, Frankfurt, Germany
Die Weberei, Gütersloh, Germany
Open Air Jam, Lemgo, Germany
Galaxy Planet, Opole, Poland
Stereo, Bielefeld, Germany
Apropo, Köln, Germany
DJ Performance/Afu Ra Show-Krone, Darmstadt, Germany
Die Weberei, Gütersloh, Germany
Hard 2 Burn Video Premier, Cassiopeia, Berlin, Germany
Funky Pussy, Berlin, Germany
Stereo, Bielefeld, Germany
Mega Beach Party, Kunice, Poland
Cosmos Club, Kazycko, Poland
Open Air Festival, Legnica, Poland
Cosmos Club, Kazyko, Poland
Ice-T Aftershow Party, Cossiopeia, Berlin, Germany
Protector Club, Katowice, Poland
Crazy Bar, Krakow, Poland
Heineken Club, Jelenia Gora, Poland
Omen Club, Plosnica, Poland
G & E Club, Rüthen, Germany
M7 Club, Bialystok, Poland
Kreml Musichall, Solingen, Germany
Marstall Cafe, Paderborn, Germany
Apropo, Köln, Germany
Cassiopeia, Berlin, Germany
Kuhrausch, Altenbeken, Germany
Kameleon Klub, Krakow, Poland
Antagon Theatre, Frankfurt, Germany
Ostbahnhof, Bielefeld, Germany
Alte Paulina, Detmold, Germany
Antagon Theatre, Frankfurt, Germany
Schlosskeller, Darmstadt, Germany
Freistyle, Berlin, Germany
Club Onyx, Tornowskie Gory, Poland
Wedding/Enginger Mühle, Paderborn, Germany
Club Arena, Kokocko, Poland
University Party, Paderborn, Germany
M.A.P. Party, Kunice, Poland
Open Air Festival, Leinefelde, Germany
Electrocity Party, Legnica, Poland
Stadtgarten, Köln, Germany
Nacht Residenz, Düsseldorf, Germany
Lagars Club, Portugal
Spodek Club, Katowice, Poland
Bogen 2, Köln, Germany
Capri Bar, Essen, Germany
Schlosskeller, Darmstadt, Germany
La Chanille Blue, Metz, France
Sony Games Convention, Leipzig, Germany
Alte Messe, Leipzig, Germany
Sensor Club, Köln, Germany
Coco Club, Metz, France
Mainz University, Mainz, Germany
Der Golden Engel, Bonn, Germany
Gamescom, Köln, Germany
Plan Bar 4, Essen, Germany
The Clash, Berlin, Germany
Metropol, Baumholder, GE
The Strike Bowling Center, Detmold, Germany
AZ, Aachen, Germany
3 Rooms, Bonn, Germany
Irish Pub, Paderborn, Germany
University Party, Bielefeld, Germany
Skateboard Contest, Detmold, Germany
Breakdance Jam, Burgrieden, Germany
DMC World Eliminations, KOKO, London, England
Club 272, Paderborn, GE
Papierfabrik, Köln, GE


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