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Imed Alibi is an exceptional percussionist and musician. Widely traveled, he is the IPA’s founder. He started playing percussion at an early age in classical North African/Middle Eastern orchestras. He moved to Montpellier, France in the early 2000’s, where he played in a variety of groups, working in a variety of styles – from flamenco, Eastern, gypsy fusion ….

10277598_897428603616521_6734139702325909652_nbringing his musical talent to dance and theater. For eight years he was on stage with the Boukakes, an oriental rock band that produced two studio albums. Since then he has played with Safy Boutella, Mamdouh Bahri,Ghalia Benali, Mercan Dede,Watcha clan, Michel Marre, Rachid Taha… He composed music for a documentary for the ARTE channel in 2012 . For three years he played with the singer Emel Mathlouthi, on stage and in the studio.



Live Shows:

Womad festival(Australia,New Zealand 2014)
Womad Charlton Park(2014)
​​​Festival Amman(Jordan 2013)
Cairo festival,Istanbul(Babylon,Sanaat 2013,2014)
Radio France festival (2014)
Domicil (Dortmund)
Couleur Café Festival (Brussels 2012)
India Tour (Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi… )
France Tour (Emel Mathlouthi 2012 2013)
Tetouan,Agadir,Casablanca,Essaouira,Aljadida.. ( Emel Mathlouthi Morocco Tour , 2013)
Folk Music Festival (Vancouver 2010)
Wassermusik Festival (Berlin 2011)
India Tour (Mumbai, Delhi… 2009)
Islamico Festival (Portugal 2009)
Colors of Ostrava Festival (Czech Republic 2008)
World Village Festival (Finland 2008)
Rawafid Festival (Morocco 2008)
Paleo Festival (Switzerland 2007)
Timitar Festival (Morocco 2007)
Festival International of Jazz of Montreal (Canada 2007)
Les Suds in Arles Festival (France 2007/2010/2013)
Sziget Festival Budapest (Hungary 2006)
Kavala Festival (Greece 2006)
Sakifo Festival (Reunion 2006)
Tour Germany (Berlin, Rudolstadt… 2006 )
Musiques Métisses Festival (Angoulême 2006/2012)
Amsterdam Roots Festival (Holland 2006)
Tour Italy (Rome, Milan .. 2006)
Womex Newcastle (England 2005)
Nuits Méditerranéennes Festival (Morocco 2005)
Mosaic Festival (Paris 2005)
Dunya Festival (Holland 2005)
Tour Spain (Madrid, Seville .. 2005)
Strictly Mundial Istanbul (Turkey 2004)
Mediterranéen Festival (Ceret 2004)
Printemps de Bourges Festival (2004)




Zé Luis Nacimento, Percussion


He says above all: «I want to serve the music.» Inspirational,elegant and powerful – these words define the musical universe of Zé Luis Nacimento.

Zé Luis, Brazilian virtuoso percussionist, was part of the Folk Ballet of Bahia [AE2] , with whom he made several world tours. He arrived in France in 1996, which introduced him to the styles of Eastern and Western percussion.He then developed a highly original rhythmic vocabulary blending very different instruments, which he brings into a coherent musical discourse. On stage or in the studio, he crosses paths with talented artists
and diverse backgrounds such as M i c h e l L e g r a n d , C e s a r i a E v o r a ,
Georges Moustaki, Souad Massi, Jean- Luc Ponty, Al DiMeola, Vladimir Cosma, and many others. More recently he could be found playing beside Titi Robin, Mayra Andra
de, Marcia Maria and Tekere, and lately AYO.







Né dans les années 70 , Stephane Puech est un musicien

(2005 / 2011) Aujourd’hui, il est réalisateur d’album(compo/arrangements/mixage )et démonstrateur officiel pour Yamaha musique europe. éclectique(claviers/percus/m.a.o) qui a collaboré en live ou en studio avec de nombreuses formations . ROCK : O.T.H , les naufragés et Spok

1990 / 2000 ORIENTAL : Les Boukakes , Djura , rain’ b fever ( 2000/2010 ) Musiques à l’images : arte , france 2 , france 5 ( 2005/2011 ) Musiques de spectacles vivants Koyaanisqatsi , La locandière , blueblue sky , c’est pas la mer à boire .

Zied Zouari  

Zied Zouari comes from a family of musicians and is on the way to creating a new language for contemporary Arabic violin. His fusional approach draws on Arabic, Indo-Turkish and jazz influences.

Armed with a solid education, he arrived in France in the early 2000s and joined the orchestra of the international city of Paris. He then took part in the Franco-Tunisian creation “Cantates des rives”, with which he toured Greece and the Maghreb countries. He also played with the rock band L’Enfance Rouge, Thione Seck, Maurice Zemmour and Sapho and others. He made recordings with Khaled, Sultana, Hend Zouari, and Emel Mathlouthi before he met Imed Alibi.



Teillet, Bass, OudWebSAfar 18

Through various encounters, he has established a link among different cultures – Western, African and Eastern. He plays an instrument that is between an oud and a bass (oudbass or bassoud), which gives IAP a distinguishing sound and musical style.

Nicknamed Pasco, he is a follower of Medhi Haddab & Speed ​​Caravan and an outstanding musician. As a renowned bassist, he has trained many musicians and collaborated with artists and groups such as King Mensah, Dalla Diallo, Fantani Touré, Ganoub, Toukouleur, Mazaher (Archie Shepp) and Chico Freeman. A real “sound-trotter” who likes to experiment, Pasco honed his skills on bass during his travels around the world, and living in Egypt, Togo, Tlemcen (Algeria), Tanzania …



1er album   « Safar »                    

Compositions, arrangements, réalisation,: Imed alibi, Stéphane Puech, zied ZouariSafar est né d’une véritable collaboration avec le compositeur et arrangeurStéphane Puech et le talentueux violoniste Zied Zouari.

Interprétation :
Imed Alibi : Percussions

Zied Zouari : Violon
Zé Luis Nacimento : Percussions
Pascal Teillet : Basse, Bassoud
Stéphane Puech : Claviers, machines

Musiciens invités :Dossier de Presse Imed Alibi 1 _Seite_1
Seifeddine Helal : Percussions
Wassim Derbel : Percussions
Suzdil Ahmad : Qanun
Haki Kilic : Accordéon
Michel Marre: Trompette
Nabil Ghannouchi: Nay
Emel Mathlouthi : Chant
Justin Adams : Guitar

Enregistré au Stdio Vox à Montpellier par Jean François Saboy.Mixé au studio Top Cat par Justin Adams et Tim Oliver .« Events of the past couple of years have shown the world a new generation of the Middle East and North Africa-hi- tech aptitude, fierce intelligence , and identity rooted in deep tradition , engaging with the West on level footing .Imed Alibi’s music is an epic and joyful expression of a soul revolution. Built on the percussive foundations of Alibi’s Berber and Sufi rhythms , virtuoso Tunisian violinist Zied Zouari’s emotive quarter-tone melisma soars over French composer Stephane Puech’s rich orchestrations, heavyweight dub lines , and distorted digital beats. This is the soundtrack for a new Arab of the 21st Century.» JUSTIN ADAMS

Dossier de Presse Imed Alibin 2


Robert Plant and Justin Adams at the WOMAD Festival 2014  with Imed Alibi10592483_10203079719488001_2087128727_n





Imed Alibi New Album Safar

Staring At the Sand by Imed Alibi album SAFAR




Dossier de Presse Imed Alibi 1 _Seite_7Dossier de Presse Imed Alibi 1 _Seite_2Dossier de Presse Imed Alibi 1 _Seite_3

Dossier de Presse Imed Alibi 3 _Seite_4

Dossier de Presse Imed Alibi 1 _Seite_5

Dossier de Presse Imed Alibi 1 _Seite_6

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