grupo3edSureda has its origins in Brussels. But its music has been transformed by experiences in the course of the past years, until arriving where it is now – a fusion of different styles – Mexican, Celtic, Mediterranean and Latin. In their first years, the group functioned as a small ensemble of guitar and voice, appearing regularly in small venues on the local scene (Brussels, Belgium). At the end of the nineties, with the arrival of the musical arranger and composer, Gwenael Micault, the group gained momentum which was reflected in the production of the material for Todo Nada (2005). SONY DSCSince then, Sureda has been traversing borders, appearing at important music festivals and forums around the world (Chile, Brazil, Mexico, Germany, Spain, Holland and France). In Mexico, Sureda was invited by the Veracruz University of Xalapa (2006) through the International Exchange Program Arcos y Puentes (Arches and Bridges). They completed a very successful tour in various venues in the state of Veracruz, sharing the stage with the Mexican Jazz ensemble Orbis Tertius. Since then, and as a result from the success they obtained, and the public recognition, Sureda has been appearing at important functions Internationally up to the present day.

Annie Sureda

SUREDAENG16 As a young girl, at the tender age of eight, she discovered her passion for music and literature. A passion which saw itself reflected in her composition of songs in an array of different languages (Catalan, Spanish and French, among others). At the age of eleven, in the city of Lier (Belgium), she won the “Childrens’ Singing and Composition Contest” and thereby the chance to record her first record with her own melodies. In November of 1998 she was awarded the FIDOF of Los Angeles (USA) prize for her composition Nuestro Puente (Our bridge) for its music, lyrics and interpretation. Her song was selected from more than 500 songs from 35 countries. She is the founder of the program Arcos y Puentes (Arches and Bridges) (Mexico, France and Belgium). She has also sung in Spanish and Dutch for movies on The Disney Channel



_DSC0413  Gwenael Micault In addition to being a musical arranger, composer, producer and musician of studio recordings and live music, Gwenael has worked in different countries with international artists such as: Eugenia León, Richard Claidermann, Toots Thielemans, Astrid Haddad, Alejandra Robles, Rosenberg-Trio, Renaud, Laura Fygi, among many others.





Alonso Borja Gómez_DSC0529 Teacher of classical and popular guitar, his appearance at events and festivals has been met with great applause throughout hiscareer, in our country as well as abroad. Winner of the Maria Greever First Emission scholarship.






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