Ade Suparman Indonésie

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Ade Suparman was born in West Java-
Indonesia, 1969. He started playing kacapi
( Sundanese Harp) since 10 years old with
his father and continued learning the music
theory and the traditional music ensembles
such as; Vocal,suling (bamboo flute),
kendang (Drum) on at
Indonesian Art School. He received his
degree of bachelor of art from STSI
Surakarta., central Java in 1994. While he
was study he registered as the excellent
student and the best graduation. He also had
been participated in a lot of national
college/university festival. After he finished his study he was active as a concert
kacapist performing. Beside he giving music performing, recently he had been
published the book method such as the method of the Suling (bamboo flute) and
the Method of kacapi. He created the new method for the Suling. He had been a
member of the professional folk and classical music groups as an accompanist
such instruments as the kacapi, suling, gamelan and so on. He has been
accompanied the Sundanese traditional and contemporary music recording with
the well known composers in West Java. He also recorded his own musics.
He has been aboard traveling to countries such as; South Korea ( International
BUK Festival, Taijon Expo’93), Netherlands 1997-1998, Australia (2005),
United states of America (2006), and Doha-Qatar (2007). While he visited in “Inter Cultureel
Centrum of RASA” in Utrecht and Den Haag.
Since 1999 untill now he taught the Sundanese music at Centerforworldmusic
USA in every summer program in BALI

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