King Ali Baba


Just like the legendary Arabic character for which he was named, King Ali Baba is blessed with a lyrical talent that stands out in the Reggae / Dancehall fraternity. With a flow that fits any genre of music, King Ali Baba is the most talented artist to take the stage.

Rated by as #3 on the Top 100 unsigned artists, King Ali Baba’s flavor of Reggae continues to see world wide acceptance and demand. The song “Out There” reached #1 and #2 on radio in Serbia, and the video reached #8 on MTV Adria which broadcasts to Serbia, Bosnia, Slovenia, Macedonia and Croatia. “Welcome to the SG Sound” reached #6 on MTV Portugal’s ‘Hit List. King Ali Baba’s latest single “Poor and have Not” is currently #4 on the Under Pressure Reggae top 20 in Italy.197618_141130755953468_1304853_n

Featured on the popular Caribbean show ‘Roots ‘n’ Culture Show’ which airs on MTV Tempo, King’s interview was hosted by Nadine Thomas Brown, and filmed at the legendary Bob Marley Museum based in Kingston, Jamaica and focused on King’s musical up-bringings, and his influence on Reggae as a whole today. King Ali Baba has also been featured on Zip FM in an interview with Jadeen McGhie, and has been profiled by Stone Love’s Scary Gary at ‘Uptown Monday’s,’ as well as has been profiled on the Sound System’s artist profile on their webpage.

Born in Clarendon, Jamaica, but raised in Spanish Town, King Ali Baba was exposed to extreme poverty and lawlessness in small pockets of his community. Seeing this circumstance caused the King to rely on his faith in Rastafari, and use the poverty as a means of building his lyrical repertoire in music and change his destiny in Life.

As integral as the heart beat is to Life, Music is integral to the King as it was the only tool available to express the energy and thoughts he held inside. Always singing and dancing at school, Baba would continue his entertainment by visiting the local rum bar, and select chunes from artists such as the infamous Michigan and Smiley who he credits as giving him inspiration to pursue his career. Not long after, Baba began writing his own songs, which came naturally to him. “I have so many lyrics books in boxes back home from years and years ago – you could tell my life story from them. So many experiences, good times and bad, experiences and teachings I wanted to share with the world,” says the King.196480_141129822620228_847516_n

As the new millennium progresses, King Ali Baba continues to record and perform chunes that have every audience skanking and rocking. Chunes such as “Reminisce”, “Smoke Weed”, “Tippy Toe”, “Life So Nice” and “Teenage Love” are radio hits the world over, and draw audiences to hear the King perform.

Upcoming for King Ali Baba includes working on his album which will be released on King Ali Baba’s own record label, Mek Money Records, as well as a song placement on L3 Magazine’s upcoming compilation album due to be released on the VP Records digital distribution label.

With high profile performances in Germany, Italy , and working with Award winning producer Stephen ‘dih Genius’ McGregor, King Ali Baba shows that out of poverty can rise a true King…

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