Marlon B

Biography // MARLON B
Good things are worth waiting for! The face known! The style unique! The flow incredible! The performance tremendous! The person charismatic – MARLON B!
The remarkable Reggae and Dancehall artist, formally known as Marlon Hanif Corel James, was born Martha Brae, in Trelawny, Jamaica . He is currently launching his long expected solo career.
He owes the addition B in his name, to his friends of youth, who used to call him by his nickname Marlon Brando. In June 1988 Marlon came to Germany on a good friends’ advice. In his native country he had learned a few words of German before. Thus he quickly connected and settled in Frankfurts Reggae and Dancehall scene, he stood true to his musical influences and his strong interest in Reggae, Dub and Dancehall. He than created an unmistakable sound which he applied to his performances in the Frankfurter Funkadelic club in front of an eager audience.
With his charismatic appearance he captivates the audience from the very beginning. He developed a huge fan base, which is growing until this day. In 1993 Marlon got to know lots of regional, as well as nationally known musicians. To name a few: Frank Farian, Turbo-B of Snap, D Flame, Rebel-X, Ebony Prince and many more.
As a result of his regional growing success, a year later he got to know J-Luv, also known as Julian Williams, who was signed by 3P (pelham power production), a Frankfurt music label. It did not take long, until Xavier Naidoo (at that time also signed by 3p) became aware of Marlon Bs talents. After sitting together and talking for long hours at a time and philosophizing about music Marlon was offered to become a part of the group called Söhne Mannheims. The group was in its very first steps. Since then Marlon has became an important part of the group. The group understands that true continuity, permanence, stunning compositions and unforgettable texts are needed to be successful along the German frontiers.
In the style of his musical role models like Bob Marley, Capleton (with whom he is befriended ever since his youth) and Peter Tosh, also Marlon’s lyrics and music are very multifarious! Besides his European-wide fan base Marlon is also a very well appreciated artist in his native country Jamaica. Marlon has also appeared several times at the world-renowned Saint Mary Festival in Jamaica, which is organized by Capleton. The festival is famous for its 24 hour performances by world-renowned musicans like 50 cents or Alica Keys.
Now Marlon follows the advice of his fans to start his solo-career! With a brand new sound, fresh lyrics and lot’s of experience Marlon will prove why good things are worth waiting for.
In spring 2011 Marlon releases his first EP „Rasta Man Come“ thanking his loyal fans for their support. On eight tracks he will show a variety of his talents and strive to become an international musical highlight in the Reggae and Dancehall scene!
In the end of 2011 Marlon releases his first album “Heart and Soul” with many artists from Germany and Jamaica… With many different sounds, a lot of fresh tunes and a good vibe performance this Album is unique in every way.