Jah Child


Jah Child`s interest for music started when he was a young boy, inspired by his musical Mother and Brother. In his early artist years he spent his time with the Band Tainegos from Long Bay Jamaica. Later he collected a lot of experience with the Label Band Gomchan( Tuff riddem Studio in Kingston Jamaica). 2004 he performed at Louie Culture Portland Bash and Mr. Lex Birthday Bash in Portland.
From 2005 till 2007 he gave a couple of shows collaborating with Louie Culture. He was on a tour through Sweden, Germany, Switzerland and Austria to promote his debut album which he produced with European producer Benny Czycholl.
In 2007 he opened a show for Cocotea in Danmark. He did some productions with Skaya from Nutune Production and some work for In the Streetz Records in Kingston jamaica. 2011 he gave shows in Austria and Germany.

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